Saturday, February 21, 2009

Home at last. WPPI 2009 was a absolute blast. We had a great time meeting alot of new "Friends", attending all the classes we could cram in, "The Wedding", "The Nikon Big Night" and of course the Trade show where we spent more than our fair share of money.

I don't know about you but was "The Wedding" an incredible event ? Hats off to the folks who put this show together.

Among the many we got the chance to meet was Rolondo Gomez , ( got the autographed Book ), Bambi Cantrell , David Zieser, Nancy Emmerich and Rose Coleman.What an honor to meet these folks. We would love to hear from some of you folks that we met so please drop us a line.Got a few pics to hang here. Have a great weekend everybody.

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